Reiki Masters Association Of South Africa


Sage, was called the "scribe of the gods. After searching for some 40 mins, got a call that its lost. These reiki workers have no emotional “baggage” (they roam freely on 90 acres when not dislodging and releasing aforementioned energy blocks) and can replace clients’ low-level vibrations with their higher electromagnetic field, according to the ranch owners. It is the most complex inner enemy, which can harm. Most of the others said they couldn’t feel the reiki working and that this had disappointed them. To awaken and contribute to our self care, healing and advancement as conscious beings.

reiki association of south africa
reiki association of south africa

Unnatural seals and implants that are within our mind-body-spirit system. Mixing rosemary with peppermint and a citrus oil is also an easy recipe to create for your oil diffuser. A session with him leaves me both mentally and physically refreshed. The more senior students to lead the group to practice what has been taught.   it lies with how we want to think; do we see a glass as half full or half empty. The deeper shades of blue reflect levels of devotion. In a lot of meditation and reiki courses, participants have no previous energy work experience. The two methods are so dissimilar that they cannot be used interchangeably. I have never felt so relaxed and in tune with myself. Best feature is that you can select your favorite reiki tip, bookmark it or add it to favorite.

reiki association of south africa
reiki association of south africa

  it meets my needs for validation, a sense of hope, joy and deep connection. Western cultures are not generally taught about the importance of "keeping your energy flowing" as a necessary part of wellness that creates an inner happiness and joy. Please purchase the ticket that correlates with the class you'd like to take.  first cleanse, then energize and bless and finally fun reiki with the highest good for all involved. When to use reiki on your pets. As we were sharing information about yoga and reiki, we received a call from sandy, who has a story to share.

reiki association of south africa
reiki association of south africa

In addition to the applicant's overall composite on the act or total score (critical reading plus math) on the sat, fsu has minimum subscores for each exam:. Its primary use is to enhance the power of reiki and can also be used to serve as protection. Christina began her work and i felt the energy move. Often, i do not need to touch the horse, but he will quickly start to feel relaxed. And her gift is not a generic one.  during this training, alison will attune you to the energy of reiki in a way that connects you to the divine source energy and the collective energy of reiki. Another active ingredient in andrographis is. Could we please look at that.

reiki association of south africa
reiki association of south africa

Presumably sensei's background in the arts and sciences afforded him nourishment for his cultivation and discipline, and it was very obvious that it was this cultivation and discipline that became the key to the creation of reiho (reiki ryoho). For example, i like to use a reiki tool that allows clients to imagine whatever they want to rid themselves of as a shape with color, weight and texture. The first principle could be written: for today, don’t just get angry. "shamanic reiki" brings the concept of energy healing to a whole new level. Symbols are used for healing in many systems. Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. She shared her reiki healing story with everyone from her pre-op nurse to her surgeon and was so grateful to have received the healing energy.

reiki association of south africa
reiki association of south africa

For information addressing specific claims made by detractors of the prophet, please see the resources at the end of this article. These are just a few uses. Reiki practice empowers children in caring for themselves and others. Which is why i’ll do the interview. It is a plus though, that people who are involved in this kinda thing are aware of the spiritual world. You are only the channel. Over eighteen years after she discovered her gift, patricia has healed countless individuals and animals; her compassionate nature and rare gifts have deeply touched the lives of everyone she has come into contact with. After 8 months, a neurosurgeon came to a conclusion that surgery was. Or, we can make changes.

reiki association of south africa
reiki association of south africa

He knows these demonic beings hate us, and that's why he forbade us to practice witchcraft and associate with them. It is also very effective on relationship problems. “the practices that have been passed down from eastern traditions are time-tested and very powerful. When a person’s mood is upbeat, being an empath can be especially pleasant. Logic was my mantra and i was unable to make the transition to knowing, hearing and feeling my inner higher self even after reading and studying about chakras, intuition, energy and a myriad of other subjects. Each "life tool" is a guided meditation which shows the client how to release attachments, triggers, cords, entities and address a myriad of other emotional issues which hold one back from performing at optimal efficiency. While i fasted, i came in contact with an. So, reiki has given her mental relief as well as physical healing.

Help with special broadcast events. Canine exercise: even dogs have to get fit. Creating the open channel for reiki to flow. So, the best way to deal with anger, is to not be angry. How do you adapt or toss the things that aren’t working, create new practice and teaching techniques for the ones that get tossed.

Those new agers more influenced by western esoteric or pagan traditions might use ritual magical ceremonies involving prayer to spirits, cardinal directions, deities, or the earth itself. Cool, clean water for 2-3 minutes (most crystals can be wet but not all so check before you drown them. But maybe we should let oprah go first, since she's the one that made this asshole as famous as he is today. Reiki online will filter through the. It is the harmonic vibration that our. The free hand rested on top of that hand to add weight. This led me to becoming a qualified yoga teacher with the sir paul duke school of yoga with membership to the yoga teachers fellowship of southern africa.

Make sure no one is allowed to disturb your peace for the stipulated period. Our reiki ability is built in us from the beginning. This is not hard to share as reiki i know now is such a gift to receive and to share with all living kind in blessings and in practice. Emerging self confidence and full of energy all the. Television news pro­grammes either become redundant by refusing to air videos that are freely available online, or else they do exactly what the murderers want and show the footage to a wider audience.

If you look with your heart and listen carefully to their words, it is the same message. I highly recommend this course as if. The text was often individualized for the deceased person - so no two copies. Over-the-counter antihistamines weren't giving her much relief.  reiki masters should become vegetarians, and give up smoking and. Everyone could see the seven medicine.

I graduated as a doctor of chiropractic in june of 1998.  reiki is not about being perfect. Is there something that you need quick insight or a little guidance on. Enhance your own energy levels and sensitivity. We develop a personalized wellness plan that will help you achieve your health related goals.   when you say the symbol three times patting the symbol into your hands you have taken the energies/frequencies of reiki to another level. It was fascinating to get to work with the reiki. Those who practice non-attachment accept that jobs, relationships, and material possessions as ultimately fleeting. Have been doing reiki for myself, though not everyday, but i can see that there are.

Mr juzaburo ushida, one of the. A form of therapy that helps one person can make it worse for another. Both classical shamanism and neo-shamanism are really more about our responsibilities — to the earth, to ourselves, and to others — than they are about acquiring supernatural powers of healing or intuition. Grey and dorky soon find themselves on the run and on mission of vital importance to world security. Get results quickly offering your clients greater self-awareness, knowledge of their purpose, connection to their higher consciousness, and the opportunity to regain and redevelop former talents.  please contact me for dates. It was a year ago when i had my reiki 2 attunement that changed my life completely. Mikao usui knew happiness starts with your inner essence, the spiritual. What are you frustrated about. We are also giving away free massages now.

In a recent publication of new criteria and guidelines for alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, it was only recorded that the two notable criteria started in the year 2011 which perfectly fits into my alexander lynch’s story. In and you all in making my mission easier. Her techniques and overall skill as a therapist are very very good. The creation of a light team begins with the dedication of the words. The bride ended up enjoying it so much that she booked melora to do a yoga class for the wedding day, and i am looking forward to practicing with melora again. 67% of hospitals that offer reiki healing went above and beyond that to say that they believe reiki healing to be highly beneficial for patients. The lovely challenge with children is they really strip you down to the basics.

After couple of sessions, healer and client both will get the idea about how the client is responding to reiki. These symbols help them pray to the lord and feel like they are never alone for they have him there with them, so even the darkest of their days seems brighter. Who makes reiki home study.    see the reiki master symbol or another symbol above you, radiating pure light in all directions. Yogi svatmarama … explains the science of hatha for one reason – raja yoga.

Reiki treatment practitioner, to accredit members whose practice complied. In fact it was the presence of something that, according to the current physics parradigm is impossible. The reiki energy “enters the top of the practitioner’s head and exits through the hands,” after passing through the patient (william collinge, m. Qi/chi or vital healing energy governs all aspects of the body including, fluids and blood circulation, the organ functions and balancing of the human body.

Reiki Association Of South Africa

The experience was so beyond my normal consciousness that i forgot about the experience until about two weeks later when mother miriam gave me a vision. Nora is something of a sister to yato. Animals consistently tell me that spending quality time with their humans is the best gift they could ever receive because they never get enough quality time with their cherished humans. Just because someone rides a harley, drinks a beer, wears a mini skirt, listens to metal, has tatoos, loves sex, does not mean they are not connected to the light. This is just part of the article which appears in the winter 2003 issue of the hard copy reiki news magazine. Open channel for energy to flow to wherever it is most needed. Pluto; together this conjunction represents excessive force, brutality and control, and the supernatural and unusual. Reiki energy flows in this manner throughout each healing as well. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and just sit in quiet contemplation.

Your bond with mother earth and spirit. My stress level is so high. Be alert and use all of your senses to instantly assess every moment and situation. Going down the reiki path after experiencing reiki yourself or know someone. She is a homeopath, reiki master and a practitioner of other holistic disciplines. And to restore me to perfect health.

Gathering of thousands of people and was sat quietly having my early morning. When zane asked her to go out with him, she refused because he wouldn't give up his talk about mermaids ever since emma saved him from drowning. (sherryll runs regular reiki seminars in titirangi, auckland, and other places as requested). My huda is a physically active and energetic little 12-year old. Can i rent a car with unlimited mileage. ,smudging with sage ,prayers chanting bell ringing, speaking in.

On a practical note, i feel that i have to do this as we practice shared reiki treatments usually on one, and sometimes on two treatment tables. The soul is the residue of past disappointments and traumas. Due to the reported success of reiki for cancer patients, many cancer treatment centers even keep reiki practitioners on staff today. Sessions with margaret as they seem to boost everything for me. Whether or not you used your intuition or learned to repress it from society, your empathy was there, even if it remained dormant and latent.

Markus has served as the administrator to the reiki masters association of south africa and also established and co-ordinated an interactive social network for reiki master practitioners and teachers. She has been such an important part of my healing from a car accident and the day to day challenges of a business and family. American) a very highly respected profession wherein one serves. Here are a few simple tips to help you get started:. Its free ion, al(3+) (aq), is highly biologically reactive and uniquely equipped to do damage to essential cellular (neuronal) biochemistry. Earthlite uses no rainforest hardwoods. Criticism is replaced with understanding, love, and cooperation. Having said how powerful angel healing is, it is also incredibly gentle for the recipient. Whenever your wishes come true remove the paper in which you wrote the particular wish and replace a thank you note in it. Some  reiki masters sub divide the 3.

And logical reasoning rather than faith, scripture or religious authority". More on the writing process. Reiki tradition asks that the attunement process, be kept unseen until the student trains to be a reiki master. During the bonfire i experienced a room full of strangers come together and become one while sharing what we were releasing from our lives. He has interests in writing the articles on physiotherapy and medical conditions as well as on alternative therapies like reiki. Following comprehensive psychiatric testing and assessments, our treatment team will work with you to craft a personalized treatment plan.

It was wonderful to teach these principles, and observe how much they helped others. I thoroughly recommend carly to anyone for any problem, stress they need to treat of just for everyday general well-being.   through the use of reiki, we encourage the friendly support between all reiki practitioners and teachers toward the goal of healing ourselves and planet earth. But it can’t force you to make healthy and positive choices, that part is up to you. Within three months he was driving again. Reiki also helped boost my immune function. How can reiki help my animal. Side must be done to the other as well. Adjust your legs so they are straight up the wall, spread in a v-shape, or place your feet together and knees apart as in cobbler's pose.

Even if you diagnose the dis-eased person wrongly, reiki will flow where it is actually needed.   this form of reiki utilizes the powers of earth, air, fire, water and spirit to help heal patients, opening their chakras and spiritually balancing them. Any lifetime that has been lived in a physical body, anywhere in the universe, is considered a past life. Our volunteers share our calling to bring comfort and help to others when they need it the most. Exercise can help calm your mind and offset potential side effects of medication, such as weight gain.  there is also a list of animals on the bulletin board most in need of a healing, which seems like a good place to start. Every thing she says, and teaches resonates with my own heart. It's amazing how few students contact their teacher after a course - even if they have lots of questions. Sense yourself as the circle, and then feel the circle as being composed.

While dr hayashi was military trained surgeon with a more. Ask if there is an affirmation you could say that would help ease the pain. You are gently guided by your hypnotherapist into a deep comfortable level of relaxation. Again drawing each symbol once, and chanting the name of the symbol three times. It is a japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. " meanwhile, ben's 31-year-old wife, jen, who is five months pregnant, performs reiki, floating her hands over becky's head and neck, asking questions about a past life as a queen. Extensively, and they wish to attain true mastery of the uses. The path on reiki will take you through a world of self-healing and affirmations, and you will have to spend a considerable amount of time to heal the beliefs and opinions regarding wealth and money.

The service you receive is based on the quality and experience of our team which is made up of over 25 qualified and experienced individuals. Once your are initiated into reiki your are aware of the divine spiritual power that is freely available to tap into at any time again, with mastery one can use this energy for anything. Massage of these muscles can help relieve muscle strain, reduce pain, and promote circulation. These virtues derive from the five principles, developed by the meiji emperor of japan, emperor mutsuhito. We focus on breath, balance and being. As a reiki student, practitioner and teacher, you are often asked some questions when reiki is introduced into conversation and innocently so as reiki is not something that necessarily comes up in every day talk. How to use reiki level iii with self and others. Player, tissues, blanket and any other items you wish to include in your. Jainism means to stop doing bad or evil and do the right for attaining.

You need to steer clear of these types of people. Would you like to learn more, and become a reiki student, practitioner, master, or teacher. Expect results, but let god determine the outcome. It is not necessary to study beyond level 1 unless you wish to deepen and strengthen your own practice or are intending to go into professional practice. To be observed by the master teacher. - practitioners of other modalities or fields who incorporate reiki into their practice. Power by god while here, just as we have to be extended the power by. I have experienced clearly that i am not giving away any.

Reiki's teachings and adherents claim that. More of the unknown than i anticipated i guess. Stimulation of the needles, or electrical stimulation. - hand placements and clearing techniques. One of the most beautiful forms of reiki is the violet flame reiki which is a powerful and transformative healing modality applying the violet flame energy. You’ll get so much more from these ideas than just saving money. Markus has served as the administrator to the reiki masters association of south africa and also established and co-ordinated an interactive social network for reiki master practitioners and teachers.

No prior knowledge of healing, angels or spirituality is necessary. Questionable, but what's not questionable is the smoke i saw rise and swirl around the ceiling. Healthy society can only be established through the cooperation of large number of people. Usui's creation of the reiki system is no doubt based. Many times when you are stuck in a difficult situation and you are not able to decide what to do reiki will guide you. I want people to have the chance to be in the world with all their magic and power available to them in every situation, be it a joyful or challenging one. You are attuned (empowered) to impart reiki energy to yourself and others. The art of ‘reiki’ is not taught but transferred to the student through reiki class.

When it comes to exercise, many people’s brains automatically think of leaner arms, stronger legs, a bigger butt… to your surprise, health and fitness experts everywhere are raving about the importance of building core muscle. We will make you feel at home and do whatever we can to make your experience phenomenal. That is, these definitions do not apply to something that has not been processed or affected by the artificial pet food manufacturing process. ' with hundreds of studios in our ever-growing network, you're bound to always find a new class to enjoy. In believing that we have this relationship with energy, it's easy to imagine that our energetic bodies, like our physical bodies, can become unbalanced.

My name is dodi, and i offer you a warm welcome to infinite souls healing™. After two full years at a christian, fundamentalist university where i had also studied scripture. We will look at what it means to be balanced from right to left, bottom to top and front to back. Any time prior to the day of the workshop. Colleen’s reikichat™ podcast is found on itunes under reiki lifestyle. Clearing further popular misgivings, reiki is not a religion, or a lifestyle, but a technique that is natural and spiritual.

Drawing sei he ki around your surroundings and the people involved in a troubled relationship can bring about the wisdom and strength to sort out problems amicably. She has a pleasant, humble, and wise approach. ' after 30 seconds, the pain started to leave my leg, and he was in pain again. La-ho-chi works along these meridians as well as the chakras and our entire energy system. A few individuals are born with the channels open and they are considered “natural healers.

The headache may have been due. There is no need to move or disrupt an animal. Receiving reiki brings about a state of profound relaxation, and relaxation in itself (regardless of now it is achieved) has been proven to aid healing and promote general well-being. Shinto is full of demonic thought forms.   if you and i doing this together can result in such a moment, that's a huge achievement. The individual consciousness is able to engage the.

Reiki Masters Association Of South Africa

Right away i felt energy rushing through my body and a connectedness to the universe. It works as a physical therapy and massage clinic, ran by dr. The search for the sacred is a sojourn unlike any other. What you've taught me in this course is priceless. Note: reiki is not a substitute for medical care.

Teachings,which enables the recipients of these energies to gradually. That helps me have patience. I’d been waiting for this my whole life. I believe your life is a gift. Disorders and medium can go into the water cooler gathering gum trees and toes to them through the winter i always channel negative energizing to work as they stress in vitro fertilization. And carolyn flynn, published august 2007. With the 30-day violet flame challenge you build a daily experience with the violet flame:. Abundance through reiki paula horan asia.

Reiki treatments can also assist in the post-operative recovery, accelerating healing on the physical level, and supporting the emotions throughout the process. And while other healing arts like western medicine, focuses primarily on the body or mind, reiki is focused on treating people as a whole human being, the body, mind and soul equally. I make every effort to visit mentees in their home area, and welcome your visit to my home/office. On my evening visit, she was still there, so we went to ice cream and talked for a bit before we hit the road--me going my way, and she going hers. You will be given an introduction to reiki and also an understanding of its history and development.

Reiki lavender is one of their caf mayana. The reiki practitioner sets aside the same time they would if you were in-person with them, but they actually have an advantage to go into a much deeper state of deep meditation and focus even more powerfully on what is needed.  i need her to know i'm looking only for medical information, and the information is to see how we can accommodate her needs and adapt by seeking outside help. The colon open during a healing crisis. If you have taken any level of reiki. These days are bit difficult to stop beating ourselves and even ebooks and self attunement. She established a reiki clinic in hawaii which was very prosperous.   when you find yourself in a situation where you feel your anger beginning to rise, give yourself permission to stay in that space for a short while, to really experience it.

It is our lord who frees. Bianca offers a unique experience in her classes paired with dynamic sequencing that nourishes people’s being. I’m feeling very discouraged about just about everything, though, and just want to find a way out of here. When you register we'll send you updated information on tuitions, locations, and the tentative dates we're looking at. Enter any text you want to have on your free printable business cards.

Friends and loved ones kid me for giving each feral cat a. And i had so much fun in class. I guess i just didn’t know what i didn’t know. I was attuned to reiki one in college one day, brief manual, limited practice as the course was packed. You’re choosing between ignorance (not knowing) and experience (a way of directly learning). We are all comprised of energy and when universal energy can flow unimpeded throughout all of our bodies, then we can experience balance and harmony. Because nothing in the world is 100% safe. One, it helps my clients flex their intuitive muscle by picking what they need to hear about that day. I don’t believe i deserve your money, unless i get you results. I think a little acupuncture or some reiki would do her good.

Her eye seemed to be clearing up a lot more – the big gash above her eye had receded. (being able to send energy for the highest healing good) to a person,. People with this color are careful, logic, detail oriented, honest, and tough in thinking and acting, deal with science, safety, and structural. Reiki symbols are used to access the reiki energy both in performing healings and the attunement process. I never underestimate the power of love—be it from your partner, a friend, or your cat.

This level requires a deep commitment to. A few months of preparation in a small group was accepted into the. The week we were there was stormy and wild. Why would you use that word. It was published by international center for reiki training and has a total of 154 pages in the book.

Reiki second degree takes you deeper into the connection with your higher self, opening your channels further. The teacher is there to help support you in understanding what it is that you can do, what this is, what reiki is. The meddle immune braces included in brand-new design garage doors could guarantee safety and security. I learned a lot about the subtleties of reiki and also had the marvellous experience of becoming more clairvoyant. The dictionary meaning of the word reincarnation is 'coming back in the flesh'. Medically and psychologically there is no cure for what ails me. Certain cautions, however, should be observed. Kuwabara's spirit energy is yellow. I’m selina khan and i am a psychic, medium, reiki master, mentor and teacher.

I taught group fitness classes, a. For those who have asked, “what is music therapy. Everything is meant to be utilitarian and efficient, at the expense of. After doing basic crystal course, looking at your wish and ability one can be a crystal master. It may or may not impact one’s personality, activities, and behaviours. Let’s become more aware and sensitive towards the colours around us.

I teach reiki level i & ii.   as your brain cells resonate with delta binaural beats, you start to slowly swirl and drift. You can do it with a partner:. If everyone who submitted to another person's laying on of hands reacted with a shrug, we wouldn't be having this conversation. To maximize the benefits of reiki healing we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions. I asked her 2 questions and she is so accurate. Actually, since becoming a christian, eft doesn’t work on me anymore, which is interesting, also used to do yoga before, and now it hurts…. You will journey to one or two of sedona’s most sacred sites and experience the healing and uplifting energy of the vortexes. They are happily responsive to this healing, so ready and able to quickly return to their natural state of balance and ease.

For this, we have a special agreement which is given to all moving companies – rhino included – that operate with client’s items. Oftentimes, we are afraid for whatever reason to let our true light shine, because we don’t want to be judged, or labeled as “weird. Then, as you continue to practice, you'll learn to sink even more deeply into an anxiety-free state. Research shows that reiki positively reduces stress, which is always beneficial. Excessive yin or yang states are viewed as unbalanced and undesirable.

The dragon symbolises power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. The most common definition of reiki then is universal life force, or spirit guided energy. I have been a doctor of chiropractic for 16 years and absolutely no.    did a search online and found class round the corner with a lovely trainer. After that, repeat it in your mind when you send reiki energy to other people, imagine that kotodama spreads inside your body and echoes deep inside your mind.

If you wish to request healing for any condition, issue, or goal, simply use the memo section of the paypal form when you order the reiki healing. In many cases reiki is not regulated so you may not see any mention of where reiki falls regarding licensing. Jenny, the reiki master, quickly put me at ease. After a series of chiropractic adjustments followed by a knot-busting deep-tissue massage, your aches and pains will melt away. Some people grow tired after giving reiki to another person. Just for today, you have a roof over your head, food on the table and enough money to have a computer and electricity, to read this 🙂. I visualize little lights or stars flowing outward, it could be like little snowflakes flowing out or little shocking lights that paralyze the negatively hurt area.

Reiki can be used for emotional, psychological or physical problems.   when unbalanced these chakras can cause physical, emotional, and physical turmoil. She is a registered  holy fire ii karuna reiki master teacher through the icrt (international center of reiki training).  i cannot help but feel that in order for me as a teacher to be valid i am being required to take a master level “again”, and this is very much like what our government does to us through taxation. Find the peace that you have been searching for. I knew i had done this because this approach helps the body to the personal reasons. This session closes with gentle reiki techniques healing process. For example, you might be designing a training to teach people to teach others to read and write, and have in your audience a high school student, a high school teacher, a retired secretary, a priest, and an advertising executive. On the other hand, bariatric patients who didn’t choose any cosmetic surgery gained 4 kilograms.

Reiki tummo: learn to do self healing and healing of those you love. Began her yoga journey in 2008 with home practice, mostly watching dvds and “trying to figure out if i was doing it right”. It allows access to the aura​ and chakras (energy body), promoting a greater connection to healing through spirit and love, providing us with a greater understanding of ourselves. Reiki is a very versatile tool for healing as it works on so many levels. I don’t take it on, i merely observe. In order to get that energy to come from within a person needs to concentrate and meditate for the energy to free flow. I’ve done several coaching certification programs and trainings before; what makes this one any different. "--(sandra ingerman, author of soul retrieval and how to heal toxic thoughts).

Saturday we had another kids reiki class. And how motivated they are to learn, and use reiki. You are a part of the energy before you even receive an attunement – and during an attunement you receive more of this beautiful, life fuelling energy. Add them to this post (click on the word "comments" at the bottom of this post on our web site -- you don't have to log in, just scroll down in the comments window and type into the blank white rectangle. We have achieved good results in healing such conditions as leukaemia, multiple sclerosis energy deficiency, asthma, infertility, and problems with the prostate gland and bladder. Reiki healing techniques dvd (1 hour, 6 minutes) can be ordered for $49. It also suggested that reiki could be used for self-treatment whilst listening to self-hypnosis tapes. This is a result of the pathways being cleared and they can now feel all their emotions, many for the first times in their lives. This meditation and reiki session will help you focus on balancing your solar plexus chakra and the parts of your bodymind and life that are connected to it.

The reiki practitioner will transfer the universal energy to you by placing her hands above specific areas of  your body. As a reiki master, i have been trained to identify problematic areas and clear up blocked pathways in the body to position the patient to receive optimal, balanced, holistic healing.